About Us

Our solution enables an immersive presentation of products or services to current or potential clients around the world and thus connects the company's sales representatives (sales and marketing) so that you can be in close contact with current as well as future business partners.

Virtual Showroom is a comprehensive B2B / B2C platform enabling the creation of an attractive presentation and communication of entire industries, which you can also use as a sales, training, educational, webinar and communication solution operating on a single platform.

We build virtual spaces for a fraction of price of physical store

Our mission?  Companies of any size can meet, present and engage with new and loyal customers and offer them your services and products in a full experience.

On the Spot: Whenever is your business is located, your virtual showroom is everywhere and online.

Technology: We build our product on the newest 3D technologies, but still being accesible to everyone

Our core values we stuck on

“My passion was always to bring unique and creative presentations for our customers. For more than 5 years I have been building app do deliver new digital way of business communication. Virtuloc is another evolution and believe me, that we have just started. :) ”
Adam Mrštík— Co-Founder of Virtuloc