A virtual showroom exists as an app for desktop, WIN, MAC, or your website, where you can show, present, and sell digital versions of your products. Today more than ever before it is absolutely crucial to build a digital version of your products and provide a great customer experience. With this app, potential clients can have a virtual tour, and you can amaze them with well-prepared content full of infographics, animations, and links to your e-shop, if applicable. One huge advantage of a virtual store over a physical one is that in a virtual showroom you can invite your clients from all around the world, and you can easily scale your business. Let´s have a closer look.

B2B Virtual Showroom

Let´s start with the B2B version. Imagine a virtual place (for example, an online store, mall, factory, hall, or whatever your place of business is), that you can invite your clients to remotely. They can go there and interact with sophisticated visual content. The PresentiGO B2B VR showroom allows you to invite people from all around the world, in real time, and communicate with them using your voice or online chat. The main advantage is the dialog, which gives you the ability to explain how everything works. You can answer any questions and build a connection with your clients. The PresentiGO VR showroom supports up to 20 people at a time, and the content can be as complex as, say, an airport. If you have 20 people in the room, you can use it as a remote webinar. Also, you can easily scale it and set up multiple instances of the same virtual room. For example, 10 sales reps can have 10 of the same rooms with 20 people inside, which puts your company on with 200 clients at the same time. One of the biggest advantages is that clients can log in remotely from anywhere! You might be talking to people from such places as San Francisco, New York, New Mexico, Paris, Prague, Sydney, or Tokyo. The only limit is the power of your internet connection. But if there is a lag with someone in the room, you can use online CHAT and still complete the tour.

Let´s review the main advantages of a B2B VR showroom:

  • Remote clients access
  • Voice communication
  • Chat
  • Webinars
  • Launching products with PR / Press
  • Up to 2000 people in multiple VR rooms
  • URL link invitation

B2C Virtual Showroom

Virtuloc's B2C version is a great complement to the B2B showroom. Since the content is created only once, we can help you place it on the web. Usually, the B2C version is embedded on your current website, and you can invite people to go there, or you can use it for campaigns. The main advantage is that this showroom is available 24/7, and you can let the online potential clients cruise through your showroom at will. With our VR showroom analytics, you can see the interaction.

Additionally, you can link your products to an e-shop. The power of a virtual showroom is to prepare content and amaze clients. For example, you can easily embed video content, infographics, 3D animations, etc. You could also have an interactive CHATBOT that can guide your customers through the showroom and help them find the right products. The VR Showroom supports complex scenes, so your content can be vast, and a chatbot can be very useful to guide consumers across multiple stores or products. Another useful feature is that you will receive email/SMS notifications when people enter your showroom, and you can join the session and chat with them, help them to make decisions, or give advice. If your sales is not online, you can have a chatbot helping public strangers. So a B2C showroom embedded on your website is a great sales tool available 24/7 and a good complement to the B2B showroom.

Let´s review the main advantages of a B2C VR showroom:

  • Embedded into website and available 24/7
  • User Analytics
  • Product Links to E-shop
  • Human chat for live interaction
  • Chatbot for offline version
  • URL link invitation

Building/Creating content for the VR SHOWROOM

If you’re wondering how complicated it is to create a VR showroom, the answer may surprise you. The process can be very fast, from merely days to one or two weeks. Of course, the time will always depend on the complexity, but the good thing is that you can create and deploy VR showrooms in phases. Also, great 3D model libraries exist, where you can buy readymade content, such as for stores, factories, halls, cities, or airports, for a range of prices. For example, if you want to create a VR SHOWROOM for airplane engines, you can buy 3D content for many types of airplanes as well as hangars. We can recommend Turbosquid or Sketchfab.

Buying readymade 3D assets really accelerates the creation process because you can equip and build your showroom based on existing content. Of course, at that point we would need to create your current products. The time it would take to do so once again depends on your product complexity, whether you have 3D data (STEP, Sketchup,) or we create them from scratch. Based on years of experience, we can provide an exact project timeline and estimate costs. Also, in case yours is a complex showroom, we can use multiple partners from our ecosystem of 3D agencies. After content creation, we will set up interactivity, animations, and sound effects. We will help you create your own B2C and B2B showroom.

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