Accelerate your business with Virtual showroom

Virtuloc fills the gap between a physical branch and e-commerce. With that you can access your customers real-time from anywhere you like with your virtual store.

Virtual showroom

Your business has been never closer till now

It doesn't matter if you are a family business, software company or large enterprise. Create your virtual room and invite customers in few seconds.

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Relocating from the physical world to the virtual one has never been so easy.

Whether you have a showroom, conference, or meeting... at Virtuloc we create spaces that engage visitors better than any regular website can. We provide virtual ‘Space as a service’.

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Endless content variability

Meeting room, family office, local store, shopping mall, factory or even a whole city... everything is possible with Virtuloc's platform.

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Live meetings in 3D virtual space

Beautifully Designed

Every virtual room is taken care of flexibility and being customizable so you can attract you customers on 1:1 calls

Whenever you are

Scaling up your business has never been so easy. Just launch your virtual business and invite your potencial customers in the meeting room. You can have up to 20 customers in one room.

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Content under your management

With our custom made CMS you can manage your media, upload, publish in just few minutes. Update your presentation, images, videos or 3D objects before every meeting.

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feature customize content

NEW Addon! Start a Webinar in just few clicks

Up to 300 participants in Virtual space

You can host engaging online events with up to 300 participants and multiple presenters. Virtuloc's powerful customisation allows you to give participants an incredible way to connect with your message.

Disruptive experience

The intuitive interface which helps you deliver smooth presentations to an audience anywhere in the world.

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Amazing Features

What you can get with Virtual Showroom

Our platform runs on most common browsers... you dont need any special software or VR hardware. Just publish your showroom, embed it on your website and that's it!

2D / 3D Content

Upload your traditional content, or we can even customise 3D content to suit your needs


Want to swap in a new product? You can easily update your space with our inbuilt CMS

Live meetings

Team meeting? Sales call? Video calling is integrated in Virtuloc, so you don’t have to mix apps


You can run Virtuloc in any modern web browser. No need to spend time downloading or installing.


You can get your business online in no time with our brilliant spaces, designed to suit your needs


Learn how people are using your space, whether they’re checking out the products, or waiting at the bar.

Become a Partner?

Scale your business with Virtuloc and become a Reseller Partner. Great opportunity for Creative Agencies, Software & IT Companies and Channel Sales Partners.

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Reduction of travel costs to clients


improvement in customer satisfaction


increase in the number of business meetings thanks to saved travel time


of customers prefer interacting with 3D objects before video chatting​

Scale your business

Measure your sales

At its core, Virtuloc is about getting your business online. The world is becoming increasingly dependent on interactions over the internet, and a virtual space where you can connect your business to people helps achieve that.​

“We are helping our customers grow their business in this very challenging times and I'm very happy hearing their possitive feedback how Virtuloc helps their sales activities”
Emil Beneš
Business developement
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