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Virtuloc is a leading sales & marketing tool offering you the best place to meet online. A virtual office, meeting room, brand, flagship store, product showroom, college campus, or exhibition hall. Our mission is to offer you the most convenient way to create a virtual world without any creative boundaries.

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Reach the virtual world from the physical one in just a few easy steps. Get closer to your customers, colleagues, students, or peers.

A digital meeting point wherever you are

Thanks to Virtuloc events, you can connect visitors who would never have met because of the long distances involved. Host online events with 500+ participants and multiple speakers all around the world. And it's not just a passive one-way meeting, but an active environment with a high level of engagement.

500+ attendees

↓ reduction of travel costs
Fill the gap between your brick-and-mortar store and impersonal e-commerce. You can create your own local store, product showroom or whole shopping mall … everything is possible with Virtuloc’s platform. Scaling up your business has never been so easy. Just launch your virtual business and invite your potential customers in.


reduction in travel costs


↑ in customer satisfaction
Engage with your student for remote learning in an inspiring virtual space. The intuitive interface helps you deliver smooth presentations to your students anywhere in the world. Students of all generations love to engage in our virtual classrooms. Virtuloc brings both interesting learning as well as the opportunity to socialize.


better study results


savings on printing costs

The Best Virtuloc features


No downloading or installing, Virtuloc works in every modern browser.

Real-time analytics

Track user activity with unique real-time data management.

Simply Customizable

Easily update your virtual presentation yourself using our built-in CMS.

Tailor-made 3D Content

Is our 2D content not enough? We will design 3D models just for you.

1st class security

Your Virtuloc content is safe with us thanks to the highest security.

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Try all Virtuloc features for free and without any obligation, thanks to our demo. Satisfied? Just a few minutes and you can set up your own virtual environment.

Create Choose an existing room template
Personalize Fill in your data using intuitive online CMS
Share Send the link and lets start meeting!

Do you prefer a tailor-made solution?

Are you interested in designing a special tailor-made environment for yourself? Just give us your idea and it will be done in 3-5 weeks.

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Scale your business with Virtuloc and become a Reseller Partner. A great opportunity for Creative Agencies, Software & IT Companies and Channel Sales Partners.